The department has the majority of facilities which are required to diagnose a skin disease. Sometimes, examinations are needed which the patient has to obtain outside the department like laboratory-tests or X-rays. In such cases, patients are referred and advised where to get those examinations.

Required drugs are usually prescribed and patients can chose in which pharmacy they would like to buy their medicines. There is a small stock of products for needy patients free of charge.

Diagnostic tools:


  • Careful history-taking
  • Examination of the skin with the eye
  • Examination with special magnifiers
  • Examination with Wood-light
  • Histopathological examination (examination of tissue under the microscope) by international specialists


Therapeutic facilities:


  • Treatment with internal medicines like tablets, injections and infusions
  • Treatment with external medicines like creams, lotions, powders etc.
  • Surgical treatment like excision, curettage, dermabrasion, electrocautery
  • Care of chronic wounds
  • Cryosurgery: Treatment with liquid nitrogen
  • Proctoscopy: Inspection and treatment of rectal problems like hemorrhoids
  • Radiation with ultraviolet A- and B-light
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